Operation RSF Certified Coach Course

Being a coach is more than writing a program with perfect progressions. Coaching is more than memorizing cues and knowing supplementary movements to increase overall strength, endurance, or power. Being a coach is about relationships and changing lives. Coaches bridge health, fitness, and a community of support while developing relationships beyond societal boundaries. Coaches have access and placement to change lives, develop relationships, and understand whom people are when faced with complex challenges.

The Operation RSF Certified Coach course is a course developed to help fitness coaches understand the benefits of physical activity for mental health, effective communication methods with a trauma-focused approach, and a foundation of brain science that arms the coach with the tools necessary to combat stigmas surrounding mental health, develop bulletproof support structures within their community, and understands how to apply physical activity in a science-backed approach to combat the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and anxiety.

Trauma impacts everyone differently and there is a good chance that some of your athletes have experienced life-changing events due to traumatic experiences. Knowing how to support these athletes can keep them engaged and able to work through their traumatic pasts.

What does the ORSF-CC look like?

The ORSF-CC is a two-day course (Saturday – Sunday) which includes classroom lectures, discussions where we want to hear from the coach’s experiences, practical exercises to put the knowledge into action, two workouts highlighting the research being discussed, and a final exam.


8:00 – Check-in
9:00 – Introductions and the background of Operation RSF
10:00 – Brain Science, Mental Health, & Trauma
11:30 – HIIT workout (ATP-CP/Glycolytic Anaerobic)
12:30-1:30 – Lunch
1:30 – Physical activity and mental health
3:00 – Physical activity prescription, a trauma-focused approach
5:00 – Close for the day


9:00 – Glycolytic Aerobic workout
10:00 – Being a Coach: Accountability, Encouragement & Motivation, and Support
11:45-1:00 Lunch
1:00 – Building Community and Community Support Structures
2:00 – Working through trauma with the RSF Method
3:00 – Questions and Discussion
4:00 – Test

Image of attendees from the coaches course

What do coaches have to say about the ORSF-CC?

An absolute requirement if you are serious about coaching the total person and not just a class, movement, or WOD.

I personally received a lot from the course as a coach and also as someone who deals with my own trauma. It’s helped me highlight more areas of my own life and how to develop more skills to employ. As well as having more awareness to help my clients/member or any individual whom I encounter.

Trauma is different for each person and the ORSF-CC helped me to better understand that each person needs different approaches. I have a better understanding of how to support my community and I feel that I have more tools and ideas to reach my community with.

To sign up or view upcoming ORSF-CC events, you can visit the EVENTS PAGE.

If your gym is interested in hosting the ORSF-CC, you receive two free slots for the course for your coaches. Just send an e-mail to tyler@operationrsf.org to learn more.

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Operation RSF Certified Coach Course (ORSF-CC)

The Operation RSF Certified Coach (ORSF-CC) Course is designed for coaches, gym owners, and fitness-based club organizers to gain a foundation of understanding of mental health, body and brain physiology, […]

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