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Our Mission

Operation RSF provides support, accountability, and community to combat the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress through physical activity and exercise. We focus on building the support structure needed to maintain motivation, drive, and purpose through the initial difficult period of becoming active while building routines that can be continued for a lifetime.

Our Vision

Operation RSF’s vision is to develop programs that facilitate the use of physical activity to combat the symptoms of PTSD while assisting individuals to develop routines to go from a sedentary lifestyle to living an active lifestyle while also increasing their quality of life. Operation RSF plans to continue combating the stigma of mental health through the education of gyms, coaches, and athletes across the country and the world.

What is PTSD?



4-Week & 10 Week Challenges to get you active to help establish routines while experiencing the benefits of physical activity on decreasing the symptoms of PTSD.


We provide financial support to individuals pursuing graduate/post-graduate degrees relating to healing trauma with physical activity or the research there of.

the Stigma

We work daily to combat the stigma and part of the way we do that is spreading the research and science about mental health and the impact of physical activity.

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Operation RSF Certified Coach Course (ORSF-CC)

The Operation RSF Certified Coach (ORSF-CC) Course is designed for coaches, gym owners, and fitness-based club organizers to gain a foundation of understanding of mental health, body and brain physiology, […]

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